My thoughts on car navigation

When you rent a car, it usually comes with bare essentials and you need to buy additional stuff. (Ex: Car navigator, baby seats, Insurance etc.) This post is mainly interned to look at whether renting the navigational equipment is worth or not. My experience from renting car comes only from foreign locations as I have not yet rented any vehicles in India.

Whenever I rented cars, I preferred to have navigational equipment from the rental company itself. There were few reasons for doing so.

But my recent experiences have made me to re-think about it. 

These experiences and with the advancement of mobile technology, it does not make sense to buy GPS equipment along with rental cars.

I have not used other map providers so I do not have data to compare against them. I have had many experiences where Google Maps led me to a dead end, fields and wrong address; those experiences itself warrants for a separate post, I consider them as part of travel experience!!

Let me know your views.

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