Baobab trees of Savanur

While traveling to Gadag we were passing through a small town of Savanur. Interesting I had recently learnt that there were three Baobab trees in the town. That was surprising as I thought that these trees were seen only in Africa. Anyway, out of curiosity we took a detour to visit these trees in Savanur.

Boabab tree
Situated in a school complex, they were huge baobab trees!! Authorities realizing its importance had put a fence around it to protect from miscreants. The board erected at the place provided some information about the trees.

Looking at the size they must be about few hundreds or thousands years old. Not much information is available about its age. 

Baobab trees are not just present in Savanur but are also seen at few other locations in India. Genetically the trees are said to be very close to African counterparts and it is surprising how did they enter into India. At Savanur, mythology has easily solved this issue by telling that Lord Krishna bought it from Africa!!

Final note
Do not ask locals about baobab tree. Locally they are known as “Dodda hunase mara (Big tamarind tree) or kalpavrusksha. 

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