Waterfalls between Kandy and Nuwara Eliya

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For a person who has interest in visiting waterfalls, hilly regions of Sri Lanka provide ample opportunities. While few waterfalls require some amount of hiking, most of them are situated next to the road making to very easy to visit. Our first experience of Sri Lanka waterfalls was during our journey from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya. Due to good rains in the previous weeks, most of the waterfalls were having decent amount of water.

Ramboda waterfalls
Here is the list of waterfalls we saw during our journey. 

Ramboda waterfall
Ramboda waterfall is a major waterfall on the route between Kandy and Nuwara Eliya. It is a multiple stage falls but from the road a short step is visible. Most visitors will just look at this falls from the road and proceed further. Few of them play in the water near the small waterfall. But to view the real beauty, you have to walk a bit.

Ramboda upstream waterfall
From the bridge on the main road take the path that goes up. You have to climb up for about 20-30 minutes in the forest. The path is next to the stream and it is possible to get down to the stream at few places. There are many mini waterfalls on the way.

Though there were steps for most part of the route, I felt bit tired as I was hungry at that time. But the moment I reached the end of the trail, all my tiredness suddenly vanished. I was standing in front of a huge waterfall. The setting of this falls looked like a big amphitheater. An amazing place.

Ramboda downstream waterfall
The least visited waterfall of Ramboda. A deviation from main highway goes into Ramboda hotel. We had to enter into the hotel, pass through the corridors, get down 3-4 floors in the hotel and pass through the restaurant. We were pleasantly surprised to see the huge falls from the restaurant. We walked down for few hundred meters on well defined path to reach the base of the waterfall. 

The two step waterfall is huge and stunning. The water after the falls is diverted through small canal to generate hydro electricity. 

I was quite surprised that the posh hotel people allowed tourists to visit waterfalls. But “Not everyone is allowed” said driver. He said that while locals were discouraged from entering, foreigners were allowed. We were also not charged for the entry.

Puna waterfalls
I am not sure whether the name is correct but this beautiful falls makes it appearance from the roadside. Though this looked big, we did not go near this waterfalls. There might be a way to the base.

Unnamed falls 1
A roadside waterfall. This was the first one we saw on the highway. So, we were excited and stopped for a while to have a look at it and take a snap!!

Unnamed waterfall 2
Another waterfall next to the highway. Before Ramboda falls. It looked big with multiple stages. From the base, we could only see the bottom part.

We went bit back and got a view of the top portion of this waterfalls.

If you are traveling between Kandy and Newark Eliya during or just after rainy season, expect lot of pit stops to enjoy the waterfalls!!

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