Basaveshwara statue at Gadag

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If you are in Gadag, it is hard to miss the huge statue of Basaveshwara next to Bhishma lake. Recently, we stayed in Gadag for a night. We had some free time in the evening and decided to visit this statue.

The 117.6 feet statue was erected in 2015 next to the lake. The statue is surrounded by a park. It seemed like a popular place for locals. The added attraction was boating activities in the lake. A very small entry fee allows one to enter into the park and statue. From the base, it looks very huge and I was impressed by the amount of work that had gone in building this statue.

At the base of the statue is a small museum that depicts the life of Basavanna. Good amount of information. 

Overall, it was a good place to visit in Gadag. The park is maintained well. Note that the park closes at 6PM.

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