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Nagaragali (Vajra Poha) falls

27 January 2008

Continued from Dudhsagar waterfalls...

When YHAI announced the trek to Dudhsagar falls, I suggested Chandru, YHAI coordinator to include Vajra Poha falls near Khanapur. I checked in the web and with Rajesh Naik, an expert about the waterfalls in Karnataka and passed all the information to Chandru asking him to get permission from Khanapur RFO. But Khanapur RFO told that the falls comes under Nagaragali RFO and asked to contact them. Chandru then contacted Nagaragali RFO and with great difficulty managed to get permission to trek to the falls and stay at Nagaragali forest guest house. Things looked great but actually we had goofed up!!

The trek:
We started from Castle Rock on Tempo Traveler after returning from Dudhsagar. Our stay was arranged at Nagaragali forest guest house. None of us knew where the place was. We came to Ramnagar near Londa and asked for directions. Local informed us that Nagaragali was 15 kms and directed us to take Dharwad route. As we were moving towards Nagaragali, I had a feeling that something had gone amiss. We were moving away from Khanapur and I was wondering how we can connect to Vajra Poha from Nagaragali. At Nagaragali guest house, I was even more surprised when the guard Ratnakar mentioned that the falls was just 4kms. Upon further enquiry, we came to know that the falls near Khanapur and the one near Nagaragali are totally different but share the same name Vajra Poha!! It looked like Khanapur RFO was not even aware of the falls nearby. I and Chandru were disappointed, but the silver lining was that we would be seeing a new falls that we were not even aware of.

Nagaragali guest house is in an isolated place surrounded by forests. The guest house is huge and lavish in style with fully furnished rooms and halls. Per day rent is just Rs 20/- for entire gang!! But at the same time, it is mostly used by higher forest Officials, politicians and Babus and is very difficult for general public to book this place.

Guards mentioned that forests surrounding the guest house were teeming with wild life. So, some of us went for a walk early morning. But we were unfortunate as the only wildlife we found was a jungle fowl, although we saw excreta of Sloth Bear, wild dog and elephant.

After breakfast, we started towards the falls. The forests were dense with teak trees abundant but the trek was not very tough. Since the falls comes under the reserved forest, not may people visit this place. Our guide Maruthi told that there was a proposal to build a road to the falls but it was dropped. Good that it got scrapped; it would have only helped poachers and people without basic sense who come with big families and group with bucket load of food to dirty the place.

After about 75 minutes of trekking, we reached the falls. The falls is about 60-70 ft height. I liked the silence of the place. The pool formed at the base of the falls formed an ideal place to get into water. It was called as Vajra Poha or Vajra falls, guide told. Well, there are already falls with those names and this would create confusion and so I decided to name it as Nagaragali falls!!

While returning, we went to top of the falls and took the tougher route. It took two hours to return to guest house. After lunch, we set out for our return journey to Bangalore.
Permission has to be obtained from Nagaragali RFO to trek to this falls. Nagaragali is 45 kms from Dharwad on Dharwad-Goa route. Even though it is a State Highway, this road is hopeless and only safe for bigger vehicles and not at all suitable for two wheelers and cars.


ರಾಜೇಶ್ ನಾಯ್ಕ said...


That was some goof up from forest dept!
The one you visited is known as 'nagaragali' falls, as you rightly named.
just like in uttara kannada where the locals refer to the waterfall in their area as 'joga' and in malnad and kodagu as 'abbi'; in marathi speaking areas of belagavi, uttara kannada and nearby places locals refer to a waterfals as 'vajra'. so the names nagaragali vajra, kalasa vajra, surla vajra and so on.
the road to nagargali after alnavar needs special mention. it is horrible horrible horrible.
just for your information, bharchi nala falls is nearby, 150mnts trek from kumbharda, 3kms from nagargali.

Aravind GJ said...

Thanks Rajesh for the information. This was my first visit to these areas and was very impressed.

Actually I thought of covering the other falls(Vajrapoha, Sural, bharchi, Amboli) in the area during this month, but there would not be much water left in the falls during this time. So, will wait for another 6-7 months.

VijayRanjanReddy said...

hi Aravind
nice blog and travel place, i have been to few places in the blogs which u have written. But want to go for treking please email me on when ever you plan for treking so that i can plan up too

darshan said...

hi frnd..
we want informqtion to get permission
for trecking at Nagaragali(vajra poha falls)as early as possible

Aravind GJ said...


I think you should contact Belgaum DCF.

manjunath said...


manjunath said...

I am Mr Manjunath Naik My proper place is Kumbharda near 4km from Nagargali,my father name is Pundlik Naik(Wadekar).

adi trekk said...
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adi trekk said...

Hey arvind, that's most common mistake everyone does.. Both names are confusing.Falls in Jamboti is known as Vajrapoha falls, and the one which you went is called Vajra falls. I've been to both of them.. :)

Aravind GJ said...

adi trekk,
Thanks for the comments. Just now I went through your blog. It is very nice!!

Mohammed Azeemuddin said...

Hi i am planning to visit goa by august end this year.and on the way planning to visit doodhsagar as well.

Please suggest how to go and is it the right time to visit goa and doodhsagar.

Kindly suggest