Monsoon Mania-3: Karkala

10 August 2008
Continued from Monsoon Mania-2

The first place we visited in Karkala was Chaturmukha Basadi.
Karkala was once a Jain center and one can see many Basadi’s here. Chaturmukha Basadi is on a small hillock.
It is in the form of a square with four identical doors on each side and hence the name Chaturmukha Basadi. The statues of three thirtakaras Ara, Malli, and Suyrata can be seen inside. This Basadi is supported by 108 pillars.

The Bahubali statue is on the peak of a hill. It was erected by the king Verapandya in 1432 AD.

The statue measuring 42 feet is one of the three main Bahubali statues in Karnataka. The other two statues are in Sravanabelagola and Venur.

From the hill, one can view the lake Ramasamudra surrounded by greenery.

To be continued…

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