Monday, October 05, 2009

My article in Prajavani

My article on Vibhooti and Shivagange falls has been published in "Prajavani" (Kannada news paper) last week. The link is given below:

I had been to these falls two years ago(link here) and immediately afterwards i had sent this article. Finally, it got published after two years!!


Gowtham said...

I had been to Vibhooti falls in 2003. An article about this was published in some edition of "Taranga" in 2003. Taranga called it "Mabage falls" and we too.
Anyway, nice to see your article! :-)

Arun said...


Had never heard about either of the waterfalls. Is it true that there are crocs at Shivagange falls?

rakesh holla said...

Nice article...

Aravind GJ said...

Since the falls is in Mabage village, it is also called as "Mabage falls". Some people even call this as Vaddi falls.

I am not sure whether there are crocodiles in Shivagange falls... but the board mentions so.


Srini said...

Hey, cool man, nice to see your article in a newspaper!
(I was one of the person who accompanied Aravind during that trip, but unfortunately i could not go and see Vibhuti falls :-(

subbu said...

congrats arvind

Sankara Subramanian C said...

Congratulations on this proud achievement. I have heard about Vibhooti falls when I went to Yana. Have been to Shivagange and trekked the nearby terrain...great places both of them...though yana and its neighbouring terrain has a more rustic and natural look!


Aravind GJ said...


Thanks. It looks like you have visited almost every place in India.. good going!!