MP trip: Bhopal-Bhimbetka rock shelters

27th October 2009

Continued from Sanchi.

In order to visit Bhimbetka, we had to come back to Bhopal from Sanchi and then travel 45 km down south. Bhimbetka is 3 km from the National highway connection Bhopal to Hosangabad.

We had our lunch at MPTDC hotel which is on the highway deviation. It is a small but a neat hotel.

At Bhimbetka, we found that there were no knowledgeable guides. I was thinking that the paintings will be similar to that of Ajanta. But it was altogether different. In fact, some of the paintings found dates to Neolithic era (12000 years old!!).
A painting of man being hunted by an animal.

Painting of animals.

Bird painting.


A painting of a warrior.

To be continued...

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