MP trip: Khajuraho - Eastern and Southern group of Temples

31st October 2009 - 2nd November 2009

Continued from Western group of Temples, Khajuraho

While everyone visiting Khajuraho would see the western group of Temples, only a few of them would visit Eastern and Southern group of Temples.

But unlike western group of Temples, the eastern and southern group of Temples are scattered around old Khajuraho. The western groups of Temples are in a single complex at the center of the town.

Vamana Temple
Javari Temple

Jain group of Temples
Parsvatha, Adinath and Shantinath Temples form the Jain group of Temples.

Duladeo Temple

Chaturbhuja Temple

Ghantai Temple
This Temple is in ruins.

To be continued...

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