MP trip: Omkareshwar

25th October 2009

Continued from Maheshwar

The distance from Maheshwar to Omkareshwar is about 70 km and it took us 1.5 hours to cover this distance.

Omkareshwar is one of the 12 jyothirlings in India. It is situated on an island in the Narmada River.

My previous experience with jyothirlings of Maharashtra (Triambakeshwar and Grishneshwar) was not good. Long queues, corrupt management and cunning priests had given me a bad feeling. Our driver warns about the touts who give a tough time to tourists and I was not very happy listening it.

As we entered Omkareshwar, I felt that the crowd was less than expected. We first visited Mahabaleshwar Temple. Touts and Priests (I say them as goondas in disguise!!) were behind us creating nuisance. I clearly tell them that we are just tourists interesting in seeing Temple and have no intension of performing pooja and ask them to leave us in peace.

We had to cross the river to reach Omkareshwar. Though the journey is good with some good views for the eyes, the areas around the River were filthy.

But I must say that Omkareshwar is cleaner than the Temple towns of Palani, Pandarapur and Shani Singnapur!!

I could not stop thinking about the most efficiently run Temples of Dharmathala, Kukke Subramanya and Sringeri in Karnataka.

Our next destination was Ujjain via Indore. We had our late lunch at a Dhaba on the way to Indore.

Maheshwar – Omkareshwar: 70km
Omkareshwar – Indore: 80 km
Indore – Ujjain: 50km

To be continued...

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